Association Senegalaise de Lutte Contre la Lepre et les Maladies Tropicales Negligees

Country: Senegal
Founded:June 2014
Number of members:217(male 120, female 97)
Representative:Mr. Papa Mamadou Diagne, President (right picture)

Vision & Mission

  • Unite members who are driven by the same ideal and create between them bonds of understanding and solidarity;
  • Promote early detection of leprosy and other disabling diseases (NTDs).
  • Facilitate the rehabilitation (medical, education, livelihood, Empowerment) of people affected by leprosy and NTDs.
  • Facilitate their inclusion in the community for a leprosy free world.

Main activities

  • Organized experience sharing meetings between leprosy patients in treatment centers.
  • Carry out awareness-raising and information activities on Hansen’s disease aimed at the population accompanied by home visits.
  • Facilitated the reintegration of leprosy patients with income-generating activities.