Sasakawa Nursing Fellow Program and Scholarship

This Scholarship Program is designed to cultivate nursing professionals with global perspectives and leadership who will contribute to the future of the Japanese society. Scholarships are awarded to our fellow students who are enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program at the world’s top 10 ranked universities in the U.S. or Canada, in the fields of public health, epidemiology, health policy, demography, life sciences/medicine, or nursing.


The following scholarship will be awarded to Sasakawa Nursing Fellows for up to two years for those entering the Master’s program and up to three years for the Doctoral program. No repayment required.

  1. Tuition, room and board, insurance, and travel expenses (one round trip) up to US$100,000 per year
  2. US$1,000 per month as living expense

Fellow Application Requirements


  1. TOEFL iBT 80 / IELTS 6.0 or higher to demonstrate the candidate’s command of English.
  2. Must hold a Japanese nursing license.

*Valid for two years after the test date.
*TOEFL Best score/IELTS General are not acceptable.
*TOEFL Home Edition is acceptable. However, when applying to a graduate school, please follow the requirements of the university.

Screening Process

Screening interviews are conducted after reviewing resumes and essays.

  • Document Screening
  • Online interview (Japanese and English)

Application Deadline

Please enter your information in the application form below. You may modify your information as many times as you like until the application deadline. After completing the form, please download the following formats of the application documents, fill in, and send all completed documents via e-mail. Your application is complete when you have submitted the application form and all documents by e-mail. We will contact you to confirm receipt of the documents.

  • Application deadline: June 17, 2024 (JST)
  • Online interview date: June 24, 2024 (JST), 30 minutes per applicant.

Application Form (Google Form) open

Application deadline: : June 17, 2024

Application documents to be submitted

  1. Resume
  2. Essay (Japanese and English)
  3. TOEFL/IELTS Score (Scanned copy, PDF/PNG/JPEG format)
  4. Japanese Nursing License (Scannded copy, PDF/PNG/JPEG format)

Downloadable Formats

Submission Rules

When you are ready to submit all four documents listed above, name and save them properly and send them to the email address below.


The result will be notified within two weeks after the interview.