Community Health Program

We Believe that “Nurses Change Society”

Community health refers to community-based activities to protect the health of the people living there. Sasakawa Health Foundation believes that it is essential for nurses to be involved in community health, not only in medical care but also in lifestyle support. We provide training, networking activities and other assistance to enable nurses to demonstrate their skills and abilities in the community.

Why Nurses?

Japan’s total healthcare expenditure continues to rise. For the first time in its human history, Japan has become a super-aged society. With growing generational and regional disparities, it is no longer feasible to see a doctor anytime, “just to be sure,” as in the past. However, being healthy and having the means to stay healthy is a basic human right.

In such a society, people will need to think about, and to take action for their own health in such society. Nurses are the key to the spread of primary health care because they make up the largest number of health professionals and are involved not only in “medical care” but also in “lifestyle” support. We assist the activities of nurses in providing healthcare and promoting health in the community as the health professionals closest to local residents.

Grant Opportunities

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