Community Health

The Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) is committed to the promotion of health in communities, strengthening human resource development for nurses, preventing illness, and supporting advocacy activities that align with our commitment.

Social Innovation by Nurses!

Since 2014 the Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) has started a nurse-centered entrepreneurship training program and raised over 90 nurse entrepreneurs of Home-care nursing centers throughout Japan. The SHF is currently playing a vital role in creating a strong connection between nurse entrepreneurs and conducting surveys and analysis aiming to promote community health through the dedication of nurses.

Social Innovation by Nurses!

Nurturing 100 Nurses with a global perspective and leadership skills to support the future of health care.

Ⅱ Grants for promoting Community Health

The Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) supports projects that embrace construction of the healthcare systems as the cornerstone of primary healthcare for promoting self-reliance to health and wellbeing. A wide range of  research projects, advocacy activities, or human resource development for nurses favoring above-stated areas are in the scope of this project.