The Nippon Foundation Home-Care Nursing Centers

“The Nippon Foundation Home-Care Nursing Centers,” are operated by graduates of Sasakawa Health Foundation’s 8-month entrepreneuship training program where leading experts and researchers in various fields serve as lecturers. Even after completing the training, the foundation provides lectures and various support to strengthen its network, and the members exchange their experiences and opinions among them to support each other.

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Facts about The Nippon Foundation Home-Care Nursing Centers


Home-Visiting Nursing Centers

(including branches and satellites)



(multifunctional long-term care in small group homes)


Home Hospice

What is a “Multifunctional Long-Term Care in a Small Group Home (Kan-Taki)”?

It is a facility that users can receive nursing care services either by commuting, by staying overnight, or by accepting visiting nursing care at home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows users to spend their time “sometimes at home, sometimes at Kan-taki,” as they wish.

Since nurses are always available, even those who are highly dependent on medical care are able to use this service. Users pay a fixed monthly fee, so that they can choose whether they stay at Kan-taki or stay at home according to their physical or family’s conditions without worrying about the frequency of services or length of stay.