Activities of the Nippon Foundation Home-Care Nursing Center

Social Innovation by Nurses

Features of The Nippon Foundation Home-care Nursing Centers  

This eight-month curriculum of the entrepreneurship training program has been allowing the nurses of a home-care nursing center to gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise from the active researchers and experts on the frontline. For the need of a well networked environment, the Sasakawa Foundation fabricates a study group and meeting for the nurses to share their ideas and opinions. Currently, the focal point of our discussion is how to scaffold the cooperative structure as a disaster response.

More than 100 centers are active in Japan

92 nurses have started operating a home-care nursing center throughout Japan after the completion of the eight-month curriculum. As of today (March, 2022), 116 centers are active among the 27 prefectures in Japan.

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The Network of Home-care Nurses Statistics


Home Visiting Nursing Center




Home Hospice

What is KAN-taki?

KAN-taki provides a multifunctional long-term nursing care in a small group home. KAN-taki users are able to receive the home-visit nursing service, home-visit caring service, short time stay service, and stay over service.

Since nurses are always on-site, the facility is available for those who are highly dependent on medical care.