Chair’s Message

“Toward a world where everyone can live better and be themselves.”

Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation (now Sasakawa Health Foundation) was founded in 1974 by philanthropist Ryoichi Sasakawa (first Chairman of The Nippon Foundation) and pharmacologist Morizo Ishidate (first Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo) to fight against leprosy worldwide. The Foundation will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. 

Over the past half century, the world has changed at a dizzying pace. Natural disasters have become more frequent and severe, a global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has occurred amid several emerging infectious disease epidemics, and we live in troubling times of armed aggression against other countries and the continued development of nuclear weapons.

In addition to our work against leprosy, we also focus on expanding and strengthening nursing capacity as the core of community healthcare. We will continue to support all people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, age, gender or health status, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances, to live the life of their choosing with dignity.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your friendship and guidance, and ask for your continued support and encouragement as we renew our mission and turn a new page in our history.

Etsuko Kita MD, PhD
Chair, Sasakawa Health Foundation

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