Our Vision

Striving to enrich the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of people
ーwhoever they are, wherever they are and whatever their circumstancesー
and helping them to maintain their dignity as human beings.

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Hansen’s Disease

Sasakawa Health Foundation has dedicated itself to the goal of a world without problems associated with Hansen’s disease. Through our activities we aim to realize a society in which those who might have the disease, or are receiving treatment or have completed treatment can access necessary medical and social services without fear of stigma or discrimination.

Community Health

We need a system in the community to support people with diseases and disabilities along with medical treatment to cure disease. We support the transition to a health system that protects the lives of those in the community.

Other Activities

To improve public health in the world, we are working to develop global human resources and offer project support as well as promote international mutual understanding and knowledge sharing through cooperation and collaboration with a variety of organizations. This is based on the medical and healthcare experience we have built up over the years as well as on close relationships with domestic and international organizations in various specialist fields.

About Grants

Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) provides grants for projects related to Hansen’s Disease, Community Health and Public Health.


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