Cultivate Nursing Leaders

Scholarship Program

Sasakawa Nursing Fellow Program and Scholarship

This scholarship program aims to develop nursing professionals with a global perspective and leadership skills who will contribute to Japanese society.

Once certified as Sasakawa Nursing Fellows, they are required to participate in lectures and trainings for more than 6 months while applying to graduate schools in the U.S. or Canada.

Sasakawa Nursing Fellows who are admitted by the world’s top 10 universities will be awareded scholarships of up to US$100,000 per year for tuition, room and board, insurance and travel, and US$1,000 per month for living expenses.

About the Fellow Program

Sasakawa Nursing Fellows are selected through a screening process based on a written application and interview. Once certified by the Foundation, each fellow will be required to participate in lectures which are provoded by the Foundation about once a month for 6 months while she/he prepares for her/his applications for graduate schools. If accepted by an eligible graduate program, the fellow will be awawrded a scholarship that includes travel expenses, tuition, dormitory fees, and insurance for two years for a Master’s degree and three years for a Doctoral degree, as well as a monthly stipend of US$1,000 for living expenses. Upon graduation from her/his degree program, the fellow is expected to contribute to the health field in Japan.

Sasakawa Nursing Fellow

Nurses make up the majority of healthcare professionals, and they are expected to play a role that goes beyond the traditional role of assisting in medical treatment. This program aims to nurture global leaders in nursing who can clearly see the world from a broad perspective and look after the physical and social health of communities. The program provides students with the opportunity to experience the dynamism of a global scale and to engage in friendly competition with colleagues from diverse backgrounds at the best graduate schools in the United States and Canada in order to cultivate leaders in the nursing profession who can think scientifically and solve problems.

The scholarship is provided for fellows who are pursuing graduate degrees in the fields such as public health, epidemiology, health policy, demography, life sciences and medicine, and nursing.

Examples of Eligible Schools

Fellows may refer to the QS World University Rankings, SHANGHAI RANKING, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

About application and screening process

Is hospital working experience required?

Hospital working experience is not required, but it is strongly recommended that you have at least two years of practical nursing experience before enrolling in a graduate program.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, but it is important that the fellow becomes a leader in practice, research, teaching, or other related field after earning a graduate degree.

Do I need approval or recommendation from my hospital/organization to become a Sasakawa Nursing Fellow?

No, we do not require one for our fellowship. However, you are responsible for arranging your own recommendations when applying for graduate school.

If I have completed graduate school in Japan, can I still apply?

Yes, you can.

Will you accept applications for Fellowships every year?

Yes, we will accept applications three times a year for the time being. We will announce the application period on our website and in our e-mail newsletter, so please subscribe to the newsletter and check it regularly.

I am currently living abroad for an extended period of time. Can I apply?

Yes, you can.

Can I apply with an overseas nursing license?

No, you cannot apply with only an overseas nursing license. You must hold a Japanese nursing license, regardless of your nationality.

I have already accepted by a graduate school. Can I still apply?

Yes you can, if it is one of the TOP 10 graduate schools in the U.S. or Canada. However, the scholarship will be awarded only after you complete the 6-months of training.

Are the graduate programs outside of Canada and the U.S., such as in the U.K. and Australia ineligible?

At this time, only programs in the U.S. and Canada are eligible.

I have graduated from an overseas university. Do I need to submit IELTS or TOEFL scores?

Yes, it is required.

What is the acceptance rate for Fellows?

We do not disclose information.

About Fellowship Activities

Is it possible to become a Fellow while working as a nurse? What are the specific activities of a Fellow?

Fellows are required to attend lectures about once a month, attend meetings, and submit opinions after reading articles, papers, books, and other materials. Lectures will be given in a hybrid face-to-face/online format, and if you are unable to attend due to your work schedule, you will be able to view the lectures on demand. We encourage all fellows to participate in these activities while working as nurses. We also conduct individual career meetings with each fellow to confirm your career path before you apply for gradual programs.

What is the fellow’s obligation while studying abroad?

We ask them to report to the Foundation twice a year, and ask for your cooperation in publicizing this program.

About Requirements and Selection Screening

If I enroll in Master’s program and then to a Doctoral program, can I receive 5-year support in total? 

If you continue on to a Doctoral course after completing the Master’s program, you will have another interview with the screening committee members, and only those who are approved may be able to extend the program, but we cannot guarantee five years of support. If there are many fellows who are eligible for scholarship for the first time, they may be given priority.

If I travel to the U.S. with my spouse or family, is the living allowance provided only to the student studying abroad?

Yes, only the student himself/herself is eligible.

There have been an increasing number of graduate schools offering online courses. Will online course be eligible?

Since this program emphasizes the importance of fellows enjoying diversity while they study abroad, online-only courses are not eligible for scholarship. 

Do I have to apply for the School of Nursing to receive support?

No, you do not need to be a nursing student. Rather, the program encourages nursing fellows to pursue studies in fields other than nursing.