Advancing Leprosy and Disadvantaged Peoples Opportunities Society

Country: Bangladesh
Founded:2014 October
Number of members:17,000(male 5,845, female 11,155)
Representative:Mr. Uddin Md. Kamal, Chairman (right picture)

Vision & Mission

Vision: A dignified society where the persons affected by leprosy and disability can accomplish their potentials, rights and full of life.
Mission: ALO is devoted for staying alongside the persons affected by leprosy and disability. We work for empowering disadvantaged people in the society to ensure a “society for all”. We endeavour for connecting and enabling people to achieve all their rights, dignity and rightful place in the society – for a dignified and healthy life.

Main Activities

  • Enhancing Opportunities
  • Dignity and Empowerment
  • Social Integration
  • Research and Learning
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Provide assistance and solution for leprosy and disability challenges