Grants for Health Promotion Activity

Support the Projects for Community-centered Health

Along with the rapid progression of an aging society, the conventional hospital-centered medical/nursing practice has been shifted to the community-centered in order to accommodate the needs for the comprehensive support of the community. Indeed, this transformation distinctively expands the realm of the medical care system to the health care system as an essential part of our practice. Thus, this project supports the actions dedicated to the promotion of a community-centered approach to health and the prevalence of home-care nursing to the community residents. 

1 . Advocating for the Community Residents

Providing an opportunity for senior residents to support their independent decision making and rights to choose their own life paths.

For community-dwelling older adults and their caregivers, we projected a space in a community café in a district populated by elderly people exclusively. The purpose of this project was to accommodate their needs by responding to their health concerns and practical questions on elderly care. In addition, we hosted seminars and study sessions on a regular basis. These seminars were to support independent decision-making and their rights to choose their own life paths by providing great insights into home medical and nursing care or palliative care.

2 . Advocating for the Interprofessional Collaboration Reinforcement

Advocating for the interprofessional collaborations that support activities of daily living and community residents.

Tasked with the responsibility for promoting community-centered approaches to community health and wellbeing, this project was launched to advocate nurses to take an initiative and create a platform that enables people to work together across professions. As a part of the study, we ascertained an optimal approach to problem-solving by compiling the intelligence of diverse professionals. As a result,  the harmonious working environment improved team operation and performance. In the framework of this approach, we advocated for the community residents to present a community as a place where people can share their views of life and death.