Home-care Nursing and SDGs – Social Innovation by Nurses –

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The year 2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the Birth of Florence Nightingale. As a part of the Nursing Now movement that started all over the world to commemorate this anniversary, an international conference was planned in Japan.

Sasakawa Health Foundation co-hosted the Nursing Now Forum in Japan with Japanese Nursing Association and presented “Home-care Nursing and SDGs – Social Innovation by Nurses -“.

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Nursing has a primary duty of life support functions for people, in addition to its involvement as a healthcare professional. In the world trying to achieve the SDGs, especially in Japan as a super-aging society, the role of nurses has been increasing aiming for a sustainable society through the effective use of appropriate healthcare resources, including a change in the health awareness of the public. This session examines the roles and possibilities of nursing/nurses in the community in the future, based on explanations from practicing nurses, educators and researchers in Canada and the United States and on the practical progress of entrepreneur nurses in Japan.


Opening Remarks, Overview, and Introduction of Speakers – Nurses Change the Society ~Social Innovation by Nurses~
Dr. Etsuko Kita (Chair, Sasakawa Health Foundation)


“Year of the Nurse” and the Global Health Agenda: Role of Nursing and Home Care
Dr. Judith Shamian (President Emerita, International Council of Nurses/Past CEO VON)


Empowering women & strengthening health systems: investing in nursing & midwifery enterprise

Dr. Marla Salmon (Former Dean/Professor, Nursing and Global Health/Adjunct Professor, Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington)


How Care Has Changed – Measuring the Value of Nursing
Dr. Andrea Baumann (Associate Vice-President, McMaster University)


Nurse’s Social Interventions in Community – System and Practice of KAN-taki –
Ms. Mitsuko Numazaki (Director, Southern TOHOKU General Hospital Group KAN-taki, Home-care nursing center “YUI no Gakko”)


Nursing in mountainous region
Ms. Kyoko Otsuki (Representative Director, Visiting Nursing Station “Home care nursing center Toyooka”, KAN-taki “RIGARESSE”)


Approach to Community care from Visiting/Home Care Nursing – Focus on Community care and Primary Health Care –
Ms. Yuko Isono (Representive Director, General incorporated association “Co-Creation”, “Chiiki Marugoto Care Station Kawasaki”)


Discussion / closing
All panelists and chairs