No.9 Ambassador’s Message :Toward Social Integration

Leprosy has two aspects:medical and social.Thanks to multidrug therapy,we are

winning the medical buttle, but it will take longer to overcome the social stiguma.

This battle is just as important for people will not be free stigma. This battle

is as just as important for people will not be free of leprosy until they are free of

its associated discrimination.

Knowledge of the true nature of the disease needs to reach every comer of society,

in this the needs to reach every corner of society, In this the role of the media is


We also need to mobilize the non-leprosy community.

It goes without saying that the best people to talk about leprosy are those

who have had the disease. Too often though, they have lacked a voice.

As We approach elimination it is more important than every that they make

themselves heard, both to encourage others to seek treatment, and to break

down barriers to social acceptance.

For this to happen, they will need to feel comfortable talking about their


However, because of the long history of social discrimination, it will not be easy,

We have to create an environment in which the leprosy affected can speak out,

and in which the wider community is receptive to what they have to say,

Their message is that leprosy is just another disease, that it is completely curable,

and that there is nothing wrong with those who have been cured.

On the medical side, this message is increasingly understood. The general health

service no longer treat leprosy as a special sickness. Treatment can be obtained

at any health facility. Medical integration is proceeding well.

But to facilitate the social rehabilitation of those affected by leprosy, to help them

regain their dignity, we also need social integration, The efforts of govermments,

corporation, unions, school and NGOs must be coordinated to ensure that their

human rights are respected.

To help in these efforts, we need to empower those cured of the disease , have

them speak out and assume positions of responsibility within influential

organizations. We must do all we can to create these opportunities.

Yohei SASAKAWA”, WHO Goodwill Ambassador


Message:Toward Social Integration

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