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HANDA* works in China for the social and physical rehabilitation of persons affected by leprosy and to promote social integration. While it has been supported over the years by grants from overseas organizations, including Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF), it is increasingly having to develop social business in order to generate income to sustain its activities. To date, this social business has taken place within China, such as when the government purchases HANDA’s services to enhance the capacity of local NGOs, based on HANDA’s experience and track record.

Now, for the first time, HANDA has the opportunity to take its expertise overseas to counsel an NGO grappling with issues of organizational sustainability and capacity-building.

PerMaTa is an organization of persons affected by leprosy in Indonesia that works to raise awareness of leprosy, encourage people to seek treatment and promote social integration. But PerMaTa faces a number of challenges and would benefit from the know-how that HANDA can offer.

Discussions are ongoing, with both HANDA and PerMaTa expressing interest in forming such a partnership during a meeting organized by SHF in Indonesia in July 2019 to talk over the possibility. In the event that the idea goes ahead, it would be funded by SHF, which would enable HANDA to offer PerMaTa consultation and mentoring.

It would represent a new step for all concerned, and, from SHF’s perspective, an innovative way to support HANDA by creating a social business opportunity rather than by offering a grant, while helping PerMaTa to strengthen its capacity to fulfill its mission of serving persons affected by leprosy in Indonesia.

*HANDA: Handa Rehabilitaion & Welfare Association

HANDA is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization located in Guangdong, which has been working with people affected by leprosy since its establishment in 1996. The working principles of HANDA are “equality, participation, dedication and empowerment”.