Global leprosy update, 2018

WHO announced a global leprosy update※ for 2018 on 30th August, 2019.
The year 2018 marks the mid-point in implementation of the Global Leprosy Strategy 2016-2020, which was built on 3 pillars and the targets of the Global Leprosy Strategy as follows.

Global Leprosy Strategy
Pillar 1: Strengthen government ownership and partnerships
Pillar 2: Stop leprosy and its complications
Pillar 3: Stop discrimination and promote inclusion
Targets of the Global Leprosy Strategy
· Zero disabilities among new paediatric patients.
· A grade-2 disability rate of less than 1 case per 1 million people.
· Zero countries with legislation allowing discrimination on basis of leprosy.
※ The update was based on the statistics on leprosy received from 159 Member States and territories.

Here is the link to the WHO report;
Weekly Epidemiological Record, 30 August 2019, vol. 94, 35/36 (pp. 389–412)