Association of People Affected by Leprosy

Country: India
Founded:November 2013
Number of members:15,000 (784 colonoies)
Representative:Ms. Maya Ranavare, President (right picture)
Twitter: @ APAL India
Instagram: apalindia

Vision & Mission

To promote respect and dignity in the life of those who have been affected by Leprosy and persons with disabilities and to work in partnership to ensure that they live a rewarding life with dignity. To associate with the Government organizations and International Agencies for uplifting social and economic conditions of people affected by leprosy and physically handicapped in India. To provide education to community about leprosy, general health and environment.

Main activities

  • Grass root level programs for colony leaders and people affected by leprosy
  • Networking among colonies
  • Strengthening of State Leaders & Team of colony members for effective working in the states.
  • Women & Youth Empowerment workshops
  • Capacity Building Training programs for state leaders, colony members & Youth
  • Human Right issues of people affected by leprosy
  • Work with the Government, WHO, NGOs”, National & International agencies for mainstreaming of people
  • Working and Collaboration with SILF for the vocational trainings, higher education and coaching to schools going children of people affected leprosy
  • Awareness on Leprosy ,RPWD Act and precautions of COVID-19
  • Our main aim to provide opportunities to people affected by leprosy and their families to live with dignity in the society