Bogra Federation

Bogra Federation

Country: Bangladesh
Founded:February 2014
Number of members:1,030(male 474, female 556)
Representative:Md. ABM. Shahid Sharif, Chairman (right picture)

Vision & Mission

The Federation seeks to act as a forum where Self Help Groups can discuss their members’ rights and needs for support, and to assist and strengthen the affiliated groups in their work. As an association of both people with different disabilities and those who are marginalized and vulnerable.

Main activities

The Federation and its associations are active in 12 main leprosy services:

  • Finding people with possible signs of leprosy & LF
  • Supporting defaulters during their treatment for leprosy
  • Preventing disabilities including self-care education
  • Counseling for persons affected by leprosy, LF and their families
  • Socio-Economic development for federation members
  • Awareness-raising on leprosy, LF, Nutrition, WASH, COVID-19 and social issues
  • Advocacy
  • Monitoring visits for district and sub-district federation
  • Capacity building for federation leaders on leadership and financial management
  • Cross-learning visits for knowledge and skill transfer and gathering experiences between federation
  • Support and participate different health related activities implementing by the government
  • Independently implementing different projects with the technical support of Lepra Bangladesh
  • Additionally, we have also started to participate in general community health & social work.