Felehansen De Colombia

Federación Nacional de Asociaciones de Personas Afectadas por Hansen en Colombia

Country: Colombia
Founded:March 2014
Number of members:1,050(male 714, female 336)
Representative:Ms. Lucrecia Vasquez Acevedo, Legal representative – president (right picture)

Vision & Mission

Vision: Because we are and must be managers of our own development, through the development strategy including community-based, we will be able to raise awareness about the disease of leprosy in Colombia and the world.
Mission: Unite and strengthen the associations of people affected by Leprosy, within the process of inclusion and social participation and thus improve our quality of life and its environment.

Main activities

FELEHANSEN is the Federation of Associations of People affected by Leprosy – Hansen’s disease who saw the need to achieve an articulated approach with government entities and NGO´s to carry out joint sensitization activities, search for symptomatic skin, addressing from the path of care to achieve a definitive and timely diagnosis, accompanying our testimony and life experience during and after the treatment for its permanence and success.