Movement for the Reintegration of Persons Affected by Hansen’s Disease

Country: Brazil
Founded:June 1981
Number of members:2,460 (1,653 female / 808 male)
Representative:Mr. Artur Custodio Moreira de Sousa, National Coordinator (right picture)

Vision & Mission

Ensure that Hansen’s disease is understood in the society, minimizing the discrimination and stigma, and struggling so that the persons affected have the integral and humane treatment and cure. Also promote actions to empower persons affected by the disease and their families and communities, and work with governments, non-governmental organizations and civil society for full social participation of this social group.
MORHAN’s vision is to continue to be a reference and multiplier of information about Hansen’s disease and to support people affected by Hansen’s disease, seeking to make Brazil a reference in treatment and respect for the human rights of people affected by Hansen’s disease.

Main activities

  • Develops educational works in order to defend, clarify, disclose rights, duties, education and awareness of the patient, family and community, through all media;
  • Disclosures of educational materials, information for health professionals in general and to the population, focusing on Hansen’s disease and its control, in addition to strengthening interactive communication channels for this purpose;
  • Through the participation in the health councils, contributes to the preparation of appropriate programs for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, information, awareness and education; establishment of effective public health policies and decent and humanized care for the people affected by Hansen’s disease.
  • With the competent organs, when necessary, articulates providing the creation of laws that effectively support the patients of Hansen’s disease, providing them social and economic well-being.
  • Stimulates the training of students or professionals in the field of health and social services, in dermatological hospitals and health centers qualified for the control of Hansen’s disease.
  • Stimulates the creation of prevention centers of disabilities to serve people affected by Hansen’s disease, decentralized in the country, technically and materially equipped, in order to extend this service also to people affected by other disabilities;
  • Expansion of the movement’s volunteer centers throughout the national territory, focusing on states with high endemic disease;
  • Encourages the use of volunteers who may be persons affected by Hansen’s disease – in treatment or after treatment – or even people from the community to contact the non-aware patient of Hansen’s disease, in order to promote him personally and socially. Guided by experts, these volunteers can detect cases and properly refer them to the health centers. 
  • Defend the right to memory of persons affected by Hansen’s disease and their families, working to preserve the heritage of former colonies and preventive institutions and create museums that help tell the story of the disease, related public policies and the people affected.