Tanzania Leprosy Association

Country: Tanzania
Founded:July 1978
Number of members:1,039(male 498, female 541)
Representative:Mr. Yohana Yakobo Sangalah- Chairperson (right picture)
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Vision & Mission

  • TLA’s mission is to collaborate with National TB and Leprosy program (NTLP) in enhancing timely case detection and treatment, strengthening disability prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Improve life condition of persons affected by leprosy and contribute to the elimination of leprosy in the country.
  • To empower people affected by leprosy with skills and tools such as chicken farms and vegetable gardening to improve their livelihood.
  • To create public awareness on leprosy; that it’s curable, treatment is available and free, so as to make sure that social discrimination on the people affected by Leprosy has no place in the society; through public leprosy elimination campaigns like visiting schools, information dissemination through media, leaflets and religion leaders.

Main activities

  • Leprosy is available if detected early
  • To collaborate with National TB and leprosy program to make sure that people are getting proper treatment and medicine accordingly
  • To fight against stigma and segregation in the society