Hospice Palliative Care Awareness-Raising Support

Our foundation provides a range of awareness-raising support with the aim of promoting hospice palliative care in society at large.

The Foundation considers “the value of life” to be the foundation of hospice palliative care, and lent video and other materials free of charge so that they could be easily understood by everyone. In particular, videotapes of lectures on the value of life given by Shigeaki Hinohara, a doctor who was also president of the Sasakawa Health Science Foundation, have been viewed by many people because the content is easy for children to understand. They are now available on the Foundation's official YouTube page.

The project also subsidised seminars for the general public to raise awareness of hospice palliative care. This activity has changed to promoting and raising awareness of home care, which enables people to stay in their own homes until the end of their lives, and we continue to support this activity.