Hospice Palliative Care Research Grant

Sasakawa Health Science Foundation, which merged in 2010, has carried out various projects based on the recommendations of the Hospice Study Group, which was established in 1996 at the invitation of the Nippon Foundation. In 1998, the Hospice Palliative Care Research Grant Programme was launched, and since its merger with Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation in 2010, the Hospice Palliative Care Research Grant has continued to select particularly pioneering and original research from a wide range of applications.

The current shift is from research to improve hospice palliative care to meet the needs of the times, to research to improve and expand local health care sharing systems, to funding for practical research in medical, health and care institutions, and for trial activities in home care. In addition, the organization has organized grant presentations for research grants and community awareness-raising grants as a forum for researchers to exchange information and deepen exchanges.

A number of papers compiled with our support have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals. It is hoped that these will not only be recognized as the achievements of the researchers, but will also have social significance as new academic knowledge and be used in the field of healthcare.