WHO Goodwill Ambassador’s Leprosy Bulletin (former Newsletter) Archive

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No. of editionAmbassador’s Message
New! No.120 (2024/4)Pursuing zero leprosy in Asia and AfricaPDF
No.119(2024/2)Doing everything we can to achieve zero leprosyPDF 
No.118(2023/12)State leaders make a differencePDF
No.117(2023/10)“Don’t Forget Leprosy” campaign shifting focus to national levelPDF
No.116 (2023/8)Regaining momentum for a leprosy-free worldPDF
No.115 (2023/6)Leaders uniting in pursuit of a leprosy-free worldPDF
No.114 (2023/4)Accelerating towards a leprosy-free worldPDF
No.113 (2023/2)Starting 2023 with commitment to
leaving no one behind
No.112 (2022/12)Finding mutual inspiration in Hyderabad PDF
No.111 (2022/9)Innovations for addressing leprosy’s remaining challenges PDF
No.110 (2022/8)“Don’t Forget Leprosy” throughout the worldPDF
No.109 (2022/5)“Don’t forget leprosy”: Initiatives in Africa and South America PDF
No.108 (2022/3)Initiatives in AsiaPDF
No.107 (2022/1)“Don’t forget leprosy” on World Leprosy Day PDF
No.106 (2021/11)Building back better to realize a leprosy-free worldPDF
No.105 (2021/9)Human rights for allPDF
No.104 (2021/7)Don’t forget leprosyPDF
No.103 (2021/5)From elimination as a public health problem to zero leprosyPDF
No.102 (2021/3)Zero Leprosy and Global AppealPDF
No.101 (2020/12)Welcome to the LEPROSY BULLETIN No. 101PDF
Summer 2020 (2020/8)You Have My SupportPDF
No.100(2020/5)My Journey ContinuesPDF
No.99(2020/3)From Tokyo to the WorldPDF
No.98(2020/1)A Prime Minister’s PledgePDF
No.97(2019/10)Reflections from ManilaPDF
No.96(2019/8)Back to BrazilPDF
No.95(2019/6)In Memory of Professor YokotaPDF
No.94(2019/4)Changing the NarrativePDF
No.93(2019/2)Encouragement from GandhiPDF
No.92(2018/12)Leaders’ Ill-Informed RemarksPDF
No.91(2018/8)Small Island States and LeprosyPDF
No.90(2018/4)Make Leprosy Part of the ConversationPDF
No.89(2018/2)Disability and LeprosyPDF
No.88(2017/12)Elimination TraumaPDF
No.87(2017/10)My Hopes for the Special RapporteurPDF
No.86(2017/06)A New UN ResolutionPDF
No.85(2017/04)A New UN ResolutionPDF
No.84(2017/02)A World Leprosy Day to RememberPDF
No.83(2016/12)Toward an Inclusive SocietyPDF
No.82(2016/10)Fresh Resolve Is NeededPDF
No.81(2016/08)Religion’s ReachPDF
No.80(2016/06)The Wheels of a MotorcyclePDF
No.79(2016/04)Memory of the WorldPDF
No.78(2016/02)Tapping the Power of YouthPDF
No.77(2015/12)Speaking Up for EliminationPDF
No.76(2015/10)UNESCO Memory of the WorldPDF
No.75(2015/08)Looking to BrazilPDF
No.74(2015/06)No Shame in Increased Case NumbersPDF
No.73(2015/04)Our Work Is Gandhi’s VisionPDF
No.72(2015/02)Make World Leprosy Day a U.N. DayPDF
No.71(2014/12)My Promise to the Dalai LamaPDF
No.70(2014/10)For Our Children’s FuturePDF
No.69(2014/08)Compassionate ConcernPDF
No.68(2014/06)Thoughts from a CemeteryPDF
No.67(2014/04)Looking to Religious LeadersPDF
No.66(2014/02)Hidden Cases in Brazil and IndonesiaPDF
No.65(2013/12)Cross-party CooperationPDF
No.64(2013/10)Encouraging Words from EthiopiaPDF
No.63(2013/08)After the SummitPDF
No.62(2013/06)Leprosy SummitPDF
No.61(2013/04)Tracking Down New CasesPDF
No.60(2013/02)Remembering Dr. NakajimaPDF
No.59(2012/12)World Leprosy DayPDF
No.58(2012/10)Leprosy and NTDsPDF
No.57(2012/08)My TaskPDF
No.56(2012/06)Marching OnPDF
No.55(2012/04)Discriminatory Laws and WordsPDF
No.54(2012/02)Global Appeal, Greater AwarenessPDF
No.53(2011/12)Brazil’s CommitmentPDF
No.52(2011/10)Further Steps on Human RightsPDF
No.51(2011/08)The Importance of ResearchPDF
No.50(2011/06)The Journey ContinuesPDF
No.49(2011/04)Timor-Leste’s AchievementPDF
No.48(2011/02)Resolution for a New YearPDF
No.47(2010/12)Preserving Our HeritagePDF
No.46(2010/10)A Day to RememberPDF
No.45(2010/08)Primary StakeholdersPDF
No.44(2010/06)Unfinished BusinessPDF
No.43(2010/04)Good News from the BBCPDF
No.42(2010/02)Nepal Marks EliminationPDF
No.41(2009/12)Maintaining AwarenessPDF
No.40(2009/10)A Necessary DelayPDF
No.39(2009/08)Strategic DiplomacyPDF
No.38(2009/06)Encouraging WordsPDF
No.37(2009/04)There Must Be a ReasonPDF
No.36(2009/02)Faith Leaders Speak OutPDF
No.35(2008/12)Come On, BrazilPDF
No.34(2008/10)A Current for Social ChangePDF
No.33(2008/08)To People Affected by LeprosyPDF
No.32(2008/06)Good News from GenevaPDF
No.31(2008/04)Working TogetherPDF
No.30(2008/02)Forward MomentumPDF
No.29(2007/12)Motorcycle MaintenancePDF
No.28(2007/10)Say No to the L-WordPDF
No.27(2007/08)Leprosy and Human RightsPDF
No.26(2007/06)Earning Trust and RespectPDF
No.25(2007/04)Partnering for ProgressPDF
No.24(2007/02)From Manila to the WorldPDF
No.23(2006/12)Two WheelsPDF
No.22(2006/10)Good Job, Keep it UpPDF
No.21(2006/08)The Social Aspect of LeprosyPDF
No.20(2006/06)Remembering Dr. J.W. LeePDF
No.19(2006/04)No Place for ComplacencyPDF
No.18(2006/02)Moving against DiscriminationPDF
No.17(2005/12)Beyond 2005PDF
No.16(2005/10)Countdown to EliminationPDF
No.15(2005/08)We Mustn’t Give UpPDF
No.14(2005/06)The Start of a New MovementPDF
No.13(2005/04)Overcoming DifferencesPDF
No.12(2005/02)Let’s Pass This Milestone TogetherPDF
No.11(2004/12)「You Are the Main Actors」PDF
No.10(2004/10)Can Statistics Be Trusted?PDF
No.09(2004/08)Toward Social IntegrationPDF
No.08(2004/06)My Resolve to End DiscriminationPDF
No.07(2004/04)The Need to CommunicatePDF
No.06(2004/02)Where Is the Sense of Urgency? – Less than two years remain until the target date for elimination, but are we doing enough?PDF
No.05(2003/12)Africa’s Political CommitmentPDF
No.04(2003/10)Reaching the UnreachablePDF
No.03(2003/08)Leprosy and Human RightsPDF
No.02(2003/06)From Vertical to HorizontalPDF
No.01(2003/04)A Message from the Special AmbassadorPDF