WISH LIST: Brent Morgan, President, ILEP Federation & International Director, The Leprosy Mission

For each issue, the Leprosy Bulletin asks a person affected by leprosy or an individual involved in leprosy-related work for two to three things that they wish could happen. We ask contributors to be bold in order to stimulate thinking and inspire new approaches.

  1. That the United Nations (UN) Principles and Guidelines for the elimination of the discrimination against persons affected by leprosy and their families members be fully implemented by all UN member countries to ensure persons with experience of leprosy may fully participate as national and global citizens, and live life in all its fullness.
  2. For governments, UN agencies, persons with experience of leprosy, civil society, and other partners to work in close coalition with one another so that 10 years from now there can be a major reduction of new leprosy cases overall and no new child cases of leprosy.
  3. That new cases of leprosy are diagnosed and treated promptly and, in addition to supporting those affected by the physical consequences, that all those affected by the psycho-social consequences of leprosy have access to good support services in their communities. 

Brent Morgan
President, ILEP Federation
International Director, The Leprosy Mission

NO. 102 MARCH 2021