Hospice Palliative Care Network

Hospice Palliative Care Network supports the activities of several networks managed by the Foundation.

The Nippon Foundation Hospice Nurse Network was a network of nurses who had received specialist training in palliative care with the support of the Nippon Foundation, with a maximum of around 3,300 graduates joining the network. The Foundation organised and conducted training sessions once or twice a year to deepen the understanding of hospice palliative care and to provide a forum for hospice nurses across the country to meet and develop friendships. The workshops consisted of lectures by leading hospice palliative care doctors and nurses who are usually hard to hear, group work and facility tours, and were held until FY2018.

Other organisations include the Hospice Doctor Training Network, consisting of doctors who have completed the Hospice Palliative Care Doctor Training and their supervisors, and the Home Nursing Network, consisting of nurses who have completed the Nippon Foundation Centre for Home Nursing Entrepreneurship Training, where they exchange views and information and maintain links after completing their training.