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2019年3月 ブラジル開催ハンセン病回復者団体 中南米地域会合

The purpose of this event is to bring together entities from the people affected by leprosy, governments, non-governmental organizations and other partners to strengthen and broaden the dialogue between civil society and governments in order to advance the protection and inclusion of the people affected by the disease, in combating stigma and discrimination, as well as for the elimination of the disease.

This meeting focused on strategies to promote the implementation of the Third Pillar of the Global Strategy for Leprosy 2016-2020 of the World Health Organization, which deals with the elimination of discrimination and promotion of the inclusion of the people affected by leprosy and the Elimination Principles and Guidelines of the Leprosy Discrimination of the UN Human Rights Council

It is also an important forum for deliberation of issues to be referred to the United Nations Organization, the World Health Organization, and in particular the First World Meeting of the People Affected by Leprosy and the 20th International Leprosy Congress, to be held in September in the Philippines.

This is the first time that entities of the people affected by leprosy in Latin America and the Caribbean have come together to discuss, reflect and address joint issues on the issue of coping with the disease, the social stigma surrounding it and measures of inclusion and social protection.


March 11-14, 2019


FIOCRUZ – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


109 people from 9 countries (Mexico, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Germany and Brazil)


DAY 1: March 11, 2019

16:00- Reception and Welcome Dinner

DAY 2: March 12, 2019

9:00–10:30 Opening Table ( Greetings)
Representative, Ministry of Health of Brazil
Dr. Socorro Grós, WHO/PAHO
Dr. Nísia Trindade, FIOCRUZ
Dr. Jonathan Lloyd Owen, Sasakawa Health Foundation
Dr. Claudio Salgado, Brazilian Society of Leprology – SBH
Dr. Edmar Santos, SESRJ – State Department of Health RJ
Representative, National Health Council – CNS
Mr. Artur Custódio, MORHAN
Representative, FELEHANSEN – Colombia

10:30–12:00 Table 1: The participation of people affected by Hansen’s disease in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Global Strategy Pillars 2016-2010
Moderation: Dr. Martha Cecilia Barbosa Ladino (Colombia)
Dr. Isabela Roger, WHO/PAHO
Dr. Carmelita Ribeiro, Filha MS/SVS/CGHDE
Dr. Claudio Salgado, SBH

13:00-15:00 Table 2: The Federal Public Defenders and the Observatory for Human Rights of Hansen’s Disease in Brazil
Dr. Alice Cruz (video), Special Relator of UN for the rights of people affected by Hansen’s disease.
Dr. Yuri Costa, Observatory for Human Rights of Hansen’s disease in Brazil (DPU- MA)
Dr. Pedro Pulzatto, Peruzzo Strategies of Segregated Children
Dr. Carlos Nicodemos, Department of Human Rights

15:30-17:00 Table 3: Successful experiences and construction of collaborative strategies in the fields of historic preservation, communication and rehabilitation of people affected by Hansen’s disease
Representatives of DAHW, AIFO/BRASAS, NHR

DAY 3: March 13, 2019

8:00-12:00 Learning a little bit about Rio de Janeiro

13:00-15:00 Table 4: Paths for the Participation and Organization of the Movement of People Affected by Hansen’s Disease
Mrs. Paula Brandão – Strategies and Commissions
Mrs. Nanda Iselle – Communication
Dr. Evelyne Leandro – Immigrants
Dr. Thiago Flores and Mr. José Picanço – Segregated Children and Colonies
Dr. Milton Ozorio Moraes – Researches (Fiocruz)
Mr. Francisco Faustino – Hansen’s disease versus Leprosy (Vice-Coordinator MORHAN)

15:30-17:00 Work Groups: Discussion on the proposals sent to WHO, UN and the  first world meeting of entities of the people affected by leprosy to be held in September in Manila – Philippines

DAY 4: March 14, 2019

9:00-11:30 Plenary Presentation of proposals and voting
11:30–12:00 Closing Table and Cultural Presentation